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Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

Asian Date | Relationship Goals You Need to Achieve

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TV and social media always show you these pictures of how a perfect relationship should be. Let’s be honest, though; most of what we see on TV or Facebook are imaginative relationships or relationship goals that are simply unachievable. Despite this, sad to say, we still end up reaching for the unreachable anyway because that’s how influential the media is today. What we really need to be doing is getting our heads out of the clouds and setting better and more realistic relationship goals.

Realistic Relationship Goals for Couples

The main thing that a couple needs to remember when setting goals in a relationship is that both need to work together in reaching the goals. It won’t work if only one person is working towards achieving a better relationship. Now, let’s go to examples of realistic relationship goals that every couple needs to list down:

Let Me Upgrade You

Do you know that Beyonce song “Upgrade U”? Well, the Queen B has the idea because one of the goals of a relationship should be to upgrade each other. You’d want a partner who brings out the best in you and brings out the best in what you do. At the same time, you should also be a partner who wants to upgrade the person you’re with. Think of it as growing as a couple.

Work on Being Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feelings of a person other than yourself. Empathy is essential for a relationship to go the distance. In a new relationship, being empathetic is not a problem, but as time passes a couple tends to become too familiar with one another. Instead of being empathetic, the couple becomes complacent with the fact that the other person’s going to stick around no matter what the situation. This is not the way to go if a lasting and healthy relationship is one of your ultimate goals.

Intimacy Beyond the Physical

This item is perhaps one of the most important relationship rules for couples that you need to work on work: find the intimacy that’s beyond the physical. It’s natural for a couple to be physically intimate. Being physically close, however, will not ensure that you will have a lasting relationship. You need to find a connection that’s beyond this so when consistent physical intimacy is off the table (and it will be after 30 years of being together), you have a deeper connection to hold on to.

These relationship goals examples are the real deal. You can also call them long term relationship goals because they are aiming to give a relationship longevity. Do you agree with this list? For more helpful goals for working relationships as well as posts about dating Asian women, check out other posts on our blog.




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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Should You Stay Friends OR Reveal Your Affection?

Asian Date | International Dating Advice: Should You Stay Friends?

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There’s definitely a thin line between being just great friends and being romantically linked. When you’re so in sync with another person, the desire to blur that thin line out bubbles up inside of you until it reaches a point where you can no longer contain it. This happens to a lot of us; we either act on what we feel or we simply ignore it, deliberately. What should you do in situations like this?

Advice on Confessing Your Affection to a Friend

To go straight to the point, what you’re going to do next is really up to you. If you stay friends, nothing changes. Everything will be as it is except how you feel inside. You can confess your romantic feelings, but there’s always that risk of the other person not being willing to move forward romantically. This is such a dilemma, but here are pieces of advice that could help you decide what to do:

1. Are you really in love?

We’ve probably all gone through moments where we think we like a person. It turns out; it was just an infatuation that faded after two weeks. Before making your decision, you have to make sure that what you’re feeling is more than an infatuation.

2. The Right Time, The Right Circumstance

Another thing that you should think about before deciding is whether it is the right time and if the circumstances are right or not. If you really want the relationship to last, you have to be ready for it; you have to be at a certain level of your maturity. You also need to assess if the circumstances allow for a possible relationship to develop. For example, it is a bad idea to decide to tell your friend that you have fallen for him or her when he or she is in a relationship.

3. How to Say that You Want to be MORE than Friends

If you’ve already considered the first two, you can move on to #3 which is telling your friend that you have affection for him or her. Don’t just blurt it out, first of all, because that would be awkward. Do it at the right place at the right time. Slowly build up to what you want to say but remember NOT to use the word “love” since it is too strong for the moment. Start with “like” and see what your friend’s response is.

Have you Tried Professing Your Love to a Friend?

Do share with us if you’ve been in this situation already. What did you do and how did you move forward? Leave your answers in comments below and don’t forget to share this post with friends. For more helpful love and online dating advice, visit our blog and check out our other posts.


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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Why Are The Japanese Wearing Masks While Speed-dating?

Asian Date | Wearing Surgical Masks While Dating in Japan

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Wearing surgical masks is not something new in Japan, or in other Asian countries like China and Korea. People wear these masks to keep diseases away, to catch droplets from the mouth and the nose, and to hide the face when a person isn’t wearing any makeup. But, who would ever have thought that this protective mask can be a useful tool for dating.

Why Surgical Masks Make Great Speed-dating Tools

Other than surgical masks, you should know that dating services that arrange speed-dating events as well as suggest couple matches are also pretty standard in Japan. Somehow, one dating agency thought that it would be a good idea to combine the two common elements found in Japanese society. But, why wear surgical masks while you’re speed-dating?

Looks Do Not Matter

When you wear a surgical mask, your face is apparently covered up. So, imagine that men and women are facing together not really knowing what their date looks like as the speed-dating commences. What this does is shift a person’s attention to something beyond physical appearance – personalities are highlighted and focused on.

Confidence Improves

Let’s take online dating as an example of a confidence booster. Have you ever met someone face to face, and you think to yourself that the person is entirely different from when you talked on a dating website? Because there is that shield through virtual space (or a mask, in this case), a person doesn’t have to be insecure about what he or she looks like. When a shield is up, the person can be themselves which improves their confidence.

Japanese people are naturally shy because there’s still a hint of taboo with relationships with the opposite gender. Most often, the only way to meet someone is through dating service events like this one. The idea of using a surgical mask during dating may sound like a silly idea, but participants have given it a two-thumbs up as it has helped them be themselves and find out what a person’s inner beauty is.


As for you, you may want to give your date a heads up before you wear a mask when offline or online dating, especially when you are not in Japan. But, the idea of helping two people overcome barriers to find their right match is something motivating. Do you want to read more interesting posts like this one? There’s more on our blog so make sure to visit it regularly.



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Would You Like To Date An Asian Date Model? Now’s Your Chance


At one point or another in their lives, all guys fantasize about dating a model.

Sure there is a certain stigma attached to it, but just like all stereotypes, in the end, they are only that – stereotypes. And these five girls we decided to present to you today will help you break that stereotypes. All of them are in modeling business, be it just on the side or as a full-time job. So they are obviously beautiful, but also not lacking in many other qualities.

But you will have to find out more about them for yourself, which you can do by clicking on their names and getting in touch with one of them through Asian Date.


AsianDate Model1

Shuxiang is 20 years old beauty from China. She would like you to know that she is an independent girl. She has her own business, owning a chain of restaurants across. But she also loves to do some modeling since she’s into fashion and loves to attend fashion shows and work on her own designs.


AsianDate Model2

Na is 26 and a designer and a model as well. She loves her job and spending time with her friends but is now starting to feel lonely because all of her friends have boyfriends and husbands, and they live very happily with their families. So she realized she also needs someone to take care of her. Are you her Mr. Right?



Ge is only 19 but describes herself as mature. She also says she is an easy-going woman with many qualities: honest, sincere, kind, respectful, reliable, calm and loyal. She’s humorous and likes to laugh and make others laugh too. As her friends say, she has a very special kind of humor.


AsianDate Model 4

Jiayan is originally from China but is in London university right now, with her major in designing. She is also still a model and already has her own clothing design office. She usually spends her summer on a private island in the Bahamas. Sounds pretty unreal, doesn’t it?


AsianDate Model 5

Han desires to be loved. She is family oriented, but also an independent thinker. She would like to find her man to be a supportive wife. She expects of you to have a good heart and integrity, be honest and show tolerance. She would like to feel the passion and share all good things in life.




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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reasons Why Modern Dating is Hard Work, But Worth It

Asian Date | Reasons Why Modern Dating is Hard Work

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If there were ever a renaissance period for dating, it would be now. There have been so many changes in the past years that the simple boy-meets-girl and girl-falls-in-love scenario doesn’t apply anymore. Whether we see it as necessary or not, there have been a few extra steps that were added to the scenario, like girl-gets-heart-broken, girl tries online dating or something like that. We’ve made it complicated, and that’s why dating is hard work nowadays.

How Dating Feels Like in the 21st Century

This is modern dating advice for women and men with metaphors. There are so many metaphors people associate with how dating is today. Most of which give us a clearer understanding of how and why dating has become something of a chore despite the modern technology that has been awarded to society.


The advent of dating apps that let you swipe left or swipe right makes online dating feel like a beauty pageant. Personality will weigh in, of course, but not before choosing a match based on physical appearance – eye color, hair color, face shape, lip shape and so on.

A job interview

During job interviews, you put your best foot forward. You do the same when you date, in general. Despite how well you answer questions or how you conduct yourself, you can’t really predict what the result is until you get that rejection call or email. Or, in dating’s case, the lack of a call or even an email.


Yes, dating can feel like fishing, sometimes, because there’s mostly the element of waiting. You could be waiting not knowing if there’s still bait on your hook or not. Or, you could be getting a bite, but you just couldn’t feel the tugging on the line.

These metaphors all sound terrible but, don’t get your hopes down just yet. What if you could win the pageant? What if you actually got the job? And, what if you caught the biggest fish in the pond? Dating is what it is today, but, like with everything else in our lives, if we work on it and follow dating tips for men and women, the rewards will be worth the effort.

Don’t give up on dating just yet no matter how the dating rules may change. Besides, there are plenty of tips on our blog to make things feel like less of a chore. We hope this has helped you find your motivation. We have more posts on our blog for you to check out.


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Monday, 17 October 2016

Marriage Material: Are You Cut Out for Commitment?

Asian Date | Marriage Material: Are You Cut Out for Marriage?

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Have you ever wondered if you’re ready for marriage? More importantly, have you ever wondered if married life is right for you or not? To be honest, no one really knows if they are ready to be married despite the numerous online dates and relationships. There are no secrets to a happy marriage. But determining the answer to the latter question will really help you understand if you’re going to adjust well to married life.

10 Questions that Determine Whether you’re Marriage Material

You can be open to the idea of marriage, but that does not guarantee that you’ll be a happily married person in the near future. With anybody, there’s a slight chance of not being able to adjust to married life. To know, answer these ten questions (do not cheat because explanations will come after the ten questions):

  1. Do you always daydream about the future?
  2. Do you see yourself married?
  3. Do you see yourself as someone who can sincerely love another person?
  4. Do you like mutual support in a relationship?
  5. Are you comfortable with sharing intimate thoughts with someone you trust?
  6. Do you like the idea of depending on someone else? Not, entirely, of course.
  7. During conflicts, are you willing to compromise if the person is that important to you?
  8. Are your relationships with other people important to you?
  9. When you think about marriage, does it make you feel anxious or excited?
  10. Are you comfortable with sharing a living space with a loved one or do you prefer your personal space?

The Result

If your answers are YES to almost all questions, it’s likely that you are emotionally and mentally ready to settle down. Most of your answers indicate that you are ready and willing to share your life with someone and that you’re ready to compromise. This is what marriage is all about. How did you score? Marriage can be a scary thing but it can also be something beautiful as long as you are open to the idea of it. For more posts about love and relationships, check out other posts from our blog.


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White love or Asian love? Disney has decided for Mulan

Asian Date | White love or Asian love? Disney has decided for Mulan

Source: Disney

Are you a big fan of Disney movies? If your answer is a BIG YES, you’ve probably already noticed the steady releases of favorite Disney animated films being redone into live-action versions. Well, next in line is the 1998 Disney movie, about this brave girl who saved China. Yes, it’s Mulan.

There was a bit of a controversy, however, because rumor has it that the studio is planning for Mulan to have a white leading man instead of an Asian love interest. As you can imagine, fans and every Asian who read the news were outraged.

#MakeMulanRight: An Open Letter for an Asian Love Interest

The disapproval was voiced out by an angry Asian man who took to his blog to express how he felt about reading the supposedly leaked script. According to this Angry Asian man: “The man is a 30-something European trader who initially cares only for the pleasure of women and money.” He decides to help China because he set his eyes on Mulan. He even continues by saying that the only reason this white man is helping China’s Imperial Army is that he has “yellow fever”.

Far from the original legend and the movie, it is understandable why fans are displeased with the news. The Mulan everyone knows does not need a white love or an Asian love to save her. She is the ultimate Disney princess who represents #girlpower, so why would studio change that?

Disney Has Chosen

Reports say that Disney has hired new writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, to work on “Mulan”. Fans can also rest assured because Disney mentions the live-action version of “Mulan” is sticking to an Asian love interest. Whew! At least some things have been made right in the world.

The live-action version is said to be released on 2018 so let’s just wait and see how everything translates on the bigger screen. How did you feel about the news on Mulan’s supposed non-Asian love interest? Leave your opinions below. For more Asian dating updates, see more posts from our blog.



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