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Famous and Hot Korean Girls Who Look way Younger than Their Age

When you visit Korea, you’ll see plenty of hot Korean girls on the streets and on the movie screens. This is most likely because of the Korean beauty standard. To be beautiful, you have to have great skin, bouncy hair, a tiny face and a sexy body.

Hot Korean Girls Who are Known for Looking Younger

As a result, more Korean females are making it a point to go above and beyond their beauty regimen. This is especially true to female Korean celebrities. Here’s a list of hot Korean Girls in Movies or Dramas that look way younger than their actual age.

1. Sandara Park

Sandara Park is part of the famous girl group 2ne1. She goes by the nickname Dara. Many don’t realize this, but Dara is turning 31 this year. She was born in November 12, 1984. Her real age doesn’t show as she looks like she could easily be 23 years old.

2. Ku Hye-Sun

If you’re a Boys Over Flowers fan, you’ll know who this Korean actress is. Aside from acting, she also is a singer -songwriter and director. Hot Korean girls seem to be born on the same month. She was also born on November. She’s turning 31 this year as well.


3. Lee Hyori

Here’s another sexy Korean actress who is best known for being in a girl group Fin.K.L and for starring in Family Outing which is a Korena variety show. Get ready because you’ll never believe that she’s 37 years old! She was born in May 10, 1979.


4. Park So-Jin



Hot Korean girls are really born on similar birth months! Here comes Park So-Jin who was born on May 21, 1986. Yes, she’s 30 years old. Just like the rest of the hot Korean girls on this list, she looks like she’s in her 20s. She ‘s commonly known as Sojin and she is the leader of the popular girl group Gir’s Day.


5. Min Hyo-Rin

Next up on this Hot Korean Girls list is Min Hyo-Rin who is an actress and model. Her real name is Jun Eun-Ra and she was born on February 5, 1986. She’s currently 30 years old, believe it or not. Her youthful appearance could be because of her petit stature, and her small face.


6. Han Ga-In

Han Ga-In is a Korean actress. Her real name is Kim Hyun-Joo. Her career started with TV series Yellow Handerchief and Terms of Endearment. She then became a popular Korean model. She married Yeon Jung-Hoon and their new baby just came out this year. She’s 34 years old now.


6. Ha Ji-Won


If you’re an avid watcher of old K-movies, you’ll recognize this familiar face. Her name is Ha Ji-Won. It’s hard to believe that she’s turned 38 years old this year. Because of her beauty and talent, she is still ind emand as she was when she first became successful.


Asian Women Don’t Seem to Age

When checking this list of hot Korean Girls, you’ll probably think that Asian women don’t age badly at all. That could be one reason why many foreign men date Asian women. So maybe you should start asing Asina owmen online their true age, just kiddding.


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Monday, 22 August 2016

Meet Asian Women Who Married Famous Men

If you think that only everyday Joes get smitten with Asian women, think again. Even famous men with celebrity statuses are not exempt to the allure that’s unique to almost all Asian ladies. Here’s an interesting list to prove this point.

7 Famous Males Who Married Asian Women

This list includes popular male figures. They can either be known actors, directors, or moguls who married Asian women who have less notoriety or are not in the limelight at all.


Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Nicolas Cage Married Asian Women


Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim have been married since 2004. Kim is Cage’s third wife and they met when she was just 19, working as a waitress at a Los Angeles restaurant. Recently, rumors have been circulating, saying that the couple has been living separately since January. Will Cage still meet Asian women after his divorce? We’ll have to find out.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg Married Asian Women


Mark Zuckerberg has been married to Priscilla Chan since 2012. Chan is a pediatrician who went to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco in 2008. She graduated in the same year she married Zuckerberg.

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

Woody Allen's Asian Wife


Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have been married for about 20 years. How the couple met is a little bit controversial. When Allen was dating Mia Farrow in the late 80s, Soon-Yi Previn came into the picture since she was Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter from her previous marriage to AndrĂ© Previn. It’s unconventional to meet Asian women this way, that’s for sure.


Kevin James and Steffiana de la Cruz

Kevin James and Wife


We all know Kevin James from movies such as Mall Cop and Zookeeper. What we don’t know is that his wife, Steffiana de la Cruz has been with him in most of the movies. They have been married since 2004 and, currently, have 4 children together.


Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng

Rupert Murdoch Relationship


Wendi Deng is about 38 years younger than Rupert Murdoch. Deng started as an intern at News Corp-owned Star TV. She caught Murdoch’s attention during a staff meeting in Hong Kong. They got married in 1999, but they officially divorced in 2013.


James Gandolfini and Deborah Lin



Deborah Lin is an actress and former model. She appeared in the Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up and Red Shoe Diaries. She dated Gandolfini for two years. In 2008, the couple got married in Lin’s hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. They were married from 2008 until  Gandolfini’s death in 2013.


Dave Chapelle and Ellaine Erfe



Dave Chapelle is an American stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He is more well-known for his stand up skits and TV series “The Chapelle Show”. He married a Filipina named Elaine Erfe in 2001. They have two children together and have been married for about 15 years.



John Lennon Yoko Ono



This is perhaps the most well-known couple on this list. Ono met Lenon in 1966 a day before one of Ono’s exhibits opened. The couple got married in 1969 and stayed married until Lennon’s death in 1980.


They Married Asian Women, But Why?

This boils down to why a lot of men find Asian women attractive. What are the reasons behind why these men married Asian Women? Just like with any relationship, these couples could have found something special in their significant other that they couldn’t find in anyone else. Or, it could just be the Asian allure that many men fall for. Whatever the case, you have to date and, maybe, marry an Asian Women to find out.



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Saturday, 13 August 2016

5 Acts That Make Asian Women Happy in Relationships

It’s no surprise that most Asian women become unhappy in relationships with Asian men. A number of factors contribute to this, but it essentially boils down to the lack of effort from most Asian men. This is probably why a good number of Asian ladies move their search for a life partner online; the goal is to meet foreign men who they can care for and who can love them unconditionally.


What do Asian Women Want When in a Relationship?

The truth is, Asian woman don’t really ask a lot to be happy when in a relationship. What Asian women want is what most women of the world want: to be loved and appreciated. Here are some general tips for all you men who are reading this now. Do the following to make your Asian girl (or even non-Asian girl) feel important and happy:


1. Listen

Listen to what exactly? Listen to whatever it is that she is saying. And, please remember this because it is very important: you don’t just listen with your ears. You also must listen with your heart. This means that you consider whatever it is that she is saying because, more often than not, she telling you exactly what she wants you to do. You just have to listen with your ears and with your heart to really understand your Asian lady.


2. Communicate

The next thing that you need to do is to communicate. Communicate what? Everything, basically. Tell your Asian woman how you feel like if you love her, don’t miss a chance to tell her that you do. Another way that you can communicate is by telling her how you can improve you relationship. For example: “We should go out every Friday night. Let’s make it date night.” or “I am sorry that I am always late.” or “I know you’re mad but let’s calm down first and then talk about it.” When you initiate the communication, it also shows Asian women your level of maturity and that you are taking the lead.


3. Don’t be Lazy

Asian women absolutely hate it when you expect them to do everything, especially around the house. If you’re in a relationship and if you already have a life together, you always need to remind yourself that house chores is both your responsibilities and not just hers. Just because she’s female, it doesn’t mean that she must do the cooking and cleaning. Oh and, get your own cup of coffee!


4. Compliments


What kind of life would you have if you didn’t have your Asian lady with you? It’s a simple question that requires a simple answer. Ask yourself this and, maybe, you can see how much your girlfriend does for you. You know what she would appreciate? You know what would make her happy? A sincere compliment. Tell her that her hair looks nice or that her cooking is fantastic. Whatever it is, it has to be heartfelt. Don’t even think about passing empty compliments because women know when your just putting compliments out there to blow up their heads.


5. Only Woman for You

Nobody likes a two-timer. To add to that, no girlfriend likes when her man gawks at another girl for a long period of time. Yes, she is jealous, but, on the other hand, you may not be doing enough to make her feel that she’s wanted. Make no mistake, women know that it is ok for you to glance at someone who is attractive, but glance is totally different from gawk. Make sure your Asian lady knows that she’s important, wanted and appreciated.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Why Chinese Ladies are Attracted to Foreign Men

When it comes to dating Chinese ladies online and offline, many have been perplexed as to why they seem to Why are Chinese Ladies Attracted to Foreigners?gravitate towards foreign men. It’s not that they prefer foreign men entirely, but it’s more of their interest and curiosity with foreigners in general.

For those who are reading this now, it may have already entered your mind that this gives you a slight advantage with China ladies. But, gentlemen as you all are, for sure, you won’t abuse this slight upper hand.


Reasons Why Chinese Ladies Like Foreign Men

But, let’s get down to it. Why exactly are Chinese single ladies easily attracted to men from other countries? Here are common reasons:


Chinese Ladies Believe Rom-Coms

Whether it be Ashton Kutcher, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Zac Efron, a lot of Chinese ladies believe that Rom-Coms (Romantic Comedies) are good references  to how foreign men are.  Probably, all females buy into this idea. Asian ladies, however, have lesser chances of actually interacting with foreign men in real life, thus the illusion is sustained. This is not to say that all foreign men are nothing like the men in Rom-Coms, though. Some can be pretty romantic!


A New Way of Doing Things

Have you ever found other cultures fascinating? For example, Russian ladies will be more than offended if you gave them a bouquet that has an even number of flowers. This is because, in Russia as well as other East European countries, bouquets with an even number of flowers is usually for people who have passed away.

What to Do with Chinese Ladies’ Cultural Curiosity

Now that you know this, you can probably get more attention from Chinese ladies if you teach them a thing or two about how you do things in your country. They might even be tempted to visit you.


Your Level of Education

This may sound strange to you, but in most Asian countries, when you’re a person who speaks English well, you are viewed as highly educated. The same applies for you even if your mother tongue is English. It’s not just that too. Generally, many Chinese ladies tend to think majority of the foreign men they meet are well-educated if: they’ve traveled around the world, have flourishing careers, and have experienced other worldly pursuits.


Financial Security

Hold on. If this statement is rubbing you the wrong way, here’s an explanation. And, this is an important point when you are dating Chinese women. Sometimes, the basis for relationships in Asia is not love. It could be duty, responsibility or stability, to name a few. China ladies, being from a country that’s still has conservative values, are no different.

Don’t take this personally nor should you think that Chinese ladies are just gold-diggers. Absolutely not. You see, Asians are very driven in life aspects such as career and family. They always want the best for themselves. Most Asian also have a competitive spirit. So, with these in mind, they will choose their life partner based on characteristics that they value. Of course, love and attraction will always be there, but it sometimes takes a backseat to more important things.


Ready to Meet more Chinese Ladies?

Remember, dating Chinese ladies gets easier when you know what to do. Take heed of these tips and see how many more Chinese girls you meet online.


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6 Things Your Asian Date Wants You to Know

What Your Asian Date Wants You to KnowIf you’re not very familiar with the dating culture in Asia, this is the post you need to be reading before going on a date with an Asian person. The thing is, your Asian date won’t deeply talk about topics like family and work. But, as the dates get more frequent, you’ll be likely clued in to the essential things your Asian date wants you to know as you continue your relationship.


Important Things Your Asian Date Wants You to Remember

1. You’ll have to win over the family.

You Asian date will likely let you know what the deal is with her family. Asian families are very protective and it’s normal for Asian parents to dislike you when you first meet them. It’s the same with your Asian date’s uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Don’t worry. Asian families usually come around once they see that your intentions are sincere.


2. Get used to Asian cuisine.

Asia is home to different flavors. If you’re not that into Asian food yet, you better start developing a love for it because it’ll be what you and your Asian date are going to eat often. If you visit her family, you’ll get your fill of Asian goodness and “No” is not answer the cook (likely her mom) will take for an answer.


3. You have to be a gentleman at all times.

Despite the influence from Western culture, Asians are still pretty much conservative. This is why it’s an absolute “NO-NO” for you to act cocky, impolite and offensive. It’s great if you already have the basics of manners down, but Asian manners are a whole different ball game. This means it’s time for you to learn the Dos and Donts of etiquette (especially on the dinner table).


4. Work life and study life are top priorities.

This is true with most Asians. Asian children have been brought up with the understanding that education should be valued. Having grown up with this in mind, they bring this mindset into the workplace. Not all Asians are workaholics but Asian races that absolutely need space when working or studying are: Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.

This means that if your Asian date reschedules, you should be nonchalant about it especially if it is because of work or school.


5. Level up your romance, please.

There are European ladies who prefer to be low-key or laid back with dating. Asian women, however, are different. Because the more sweet and sappy you are the better. Of course, your sweetness and sappy-ness need to have limits, but a surprise visit, surprise letter, surprise flowers, or surprise dinner won’t hurt.


6. Let me be a woman.

There are only a handful of Asian women who are into the “tomboy” way of dressing up. Most females prefer feminine outfits that show off their delicate side. If your Asian date always dresses up, does her makeup, wears high heels (to the beach), carries a purse everywhere, let her. It’s her sense of style that makes up who she is and you should be proud that you’re dating someone who like to take care of herself and look good.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Foreign Man’s Guide to Marrying a Korean Lady

How to Marry a Korean Lady
After all the highs and lows, the endless threads of emails and chat logs, international phone calls and the short visits that never seem to be enough, finally, your Korean lady said yes to your “Will you marry me?”. Planning a wedding is challenge enough on its own, and now, you need to plan a wedding halfway around the world, in Korea. Fear not! Here is a simple step by step guide to getting married in Korea.


Step 1: Father’s Approval/Blessing

You may have met your beloved’s family once or twice in one of your many visits to Korea. They may know who you are and that you are dating their daughter. At this point, you should have an idea on how conservative your Korean lady’s family is and this should be your clue as to how to approach her father. Just remember to do your research on how to seek her father’s approval traditionally and plan the meeting with your soon-to-be wife on the best way to do this.


Step 2: Engagement Announcement

Once future father-in-law has given his consent and/or blessing to the both of you, time to tell you’re your families. If possible, arrange for a meeting (if budget permits), or set up a skype call to allow your parents and hers to meet, even informally, prior to the wedding.


Step 3: Decide the Wedding type, the Date and Venue

Since your bride will be coming from a whole different culture, a decision must be made whether you will go with the traditional Korean wedding or the Western type wedding. If you both want to experience both cultural weddings, a suggestion would be to have the traditional Korean wedding in Korea, and once she moves home with you to your home country, have your western type wedding then. Best of both worlds. But as for the Korean wedding, be aware that you will have to choose a venue and a date that will be convenient for the majority. Be flexible with the date since some of her family might need special considerations. Remember, everyone’s schedules should be considered so as to ensure that her family feels accommodated thus starting the marriage right.



Step 4: Arrange for Flights and Accommodations

If your immediate family wishes to attend your first wedding in Korea, then flights and accommodations should be arranged. Check with your Korean lady and her family for the best and the most affordable places near the venue and, for convenience, relatively near their home as well. This would make the meetings easier for both families and would encourage a good friendship between families for a start.


Step 5: Plan the Wedding details

Like a western bride, your Korean lady, the bride-to-be, will be the best go to person for the planning. This is where the details come in like the dress and/or hanbok (depending on the wedding type decided), the invites, the rings, booking of the venue, catering and all the usual things a wedding requires. This you will need to discuss with your Korean lady if she would prefer planning with her friends or if she would like you to be her planning buddy. Volunteer to plan with her though, this makes it easier to learn the wedding culture and will impress her family on how involved you are.


Step 6: Acquiring Necessary Legal Documents

In any country, proof of eligibility for marriage is always a requirement to secure a marriage license. What is that though? It’s a legal document proving that you are not married yet, or if you formerly were, that you are free of obligation from your previous marriage that was either dissolved or divorced. This is secured from your home country’s embassy in Korea which you will have to have notarized and translated and submitted for registration at a local office. Each country will have a different process of obtaining this from your respective embassies, so it will be best to research or to visit your nation’s embassy website for particulars and requirements. Once you have the “Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage” document, you, your girlfriend and two witnesses will have to visit an administrative office for your district to file for the “Report of Marriage” or the Korean marriage license.


Step 7: The Formal Meeting of Families

Once your family has flown in from your home country, you and your lady should arrange for a meeting prior to the wedding. This allows for both families to be comfortable with each other and to get to know each other as well. This allows for the wedding proper to go smoothly as questions and possible compromises can be made.


Step 8: Get Married

With all the hoops and loops, you and your bride can now finally tie the knot.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Attitudes to Curb if You want to Date Korean Girls

Date Korean Girls Online NOWWhen you date Korean girls, you should know that they are known for their flawless complexions and long legs. It also escapes no one how meticulously they maintain their figures and how perfectly sexy they are. These fair oriental beauties are among the most sought after in Asia and this should come as no surprise to anyone. But to be fortunate enough to have one of these ladies to be your beloved paramour and eventually your blushing bride, there are some attitudes that a man, especially one who comes from an entirely different world, should curb and eventually eliminate.


Never compare and try to change her values and customs.

The Eastern culture is like night as the Western culture is like day. The similarities of the east and west are like that of oil and water. Some customs may seem weird to a Westerner but will be positively normal for an Easterner.

A man from the west grew up to a culture where gender roles are not stringently in place where it will be perfectly normal for a man to be the homemaker and the woman to be the bread winner. Not so in Korea. When you date Korean girls, a wife’s role in the household still remains particularly rigid where the man works and the woman stays home to care for the children. In lieu with this, women tend to expect for the man to take the lead in everything.


Not being open enough to learning about the Korean culture.

The western world is fortunate enough to be known worldwide for their culture, or even the lack of it sometimes. She knows more about your culture than you do hers. Wouldn’t it be fair for you to attempt to learn more about her culture? Besides, if you plan to eventually marry your Korean girlfriend, you would need to start to learn a little bit of the language and their specific family custom to ensure you don’t get a veto from her parents.


Never assume that she is easy. Nor should you assume any Korean girl is.

In fact, South Korea is one of the Asian nations who isn’t that open to marrying, even dating foreigners. It’s simply because most Korean parents are still very traditional. In addition to that, western culture is well identified with a very open sex culture. Sex, although not taboo, is still a reserved topic and even public displays of affection are frowned upon. It may seem that these women are highly sexualized in their pop culture, these women are some of the more conservative ones in Asia. When you date Korean girls, make sure to treat them like the ladies they are.


Do not underestimate her intelligence just because she is pretty.

Korea is a culture that thinks very highly of education and intelligence. This is evident with the time and effort they put in to learning a lot of things. Korean parents are even very encouraging by enrolling their children in English fluency courses, at least 2 to 3 musical instruments, sports, art and painting, and a lot of other things. These women are well exposed and well-travelled so never, ever correlate that since she is outstandingly beautiful, that she is shallow and a bit daft. In this culture, intelligence is chic.


So, that’s it for attitudes that you need to curb when you date Korean girls. These are just a few of the habits foreign men usually extend to these ladies, and if you intend to get serious with one, you better learn to eliminate or minimize these attitudes.

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