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What Is Kokuhaku And Should You Accept It From A Japanese Girl?

Most of us are familiar with the dating process in the West because that’s what most countries are used to. It’s as simple as boy-meets-girl, and then they start seeing each other or dating when they feel that their togetherness can blossom into a serious relationship. It’s quite different in Japan because a Japanese girl and guy practice something called a love confession.

Kokuhaku: When Japanese Girl And Guy Confess Love

We’ve already discussed some differences between the East and the West‘s dating cultures, but we haven’t talked about kokuhaku yet. Kokuhaku is a Japanese term which literally means “confession”. It is a term used when describing the act of a Japanese girl or guy confessing his or her love to someone.

Kokuhaku In A Nutshell

In the West, all a guy needs to do to date a woman is to ask her out. In Japan it is different because a male and a female can hang out together or with a group of people, but, technically, they aren’t officially dating or in a relationship yet.

Either the man or the woman confesses their love to the person they are interested in. When the person they admitted it to agrees or accepts their love confession, it is official – they are a couple. A person’s kokuhaku can be refused too. The one making the confession is really putting himself or herself out there, so a good amount of courage is needed.

Is This Practice Too Commitment-Focused?

This is a great question because telling someone “I love you” or “I have feelings for you” might be too commitment-focused. What if the relationship doesn’t work out or you find out after a few months that the relationship is not compatible?

One primary factor that you should be looking at is the word “love” in Japanese. It can be translated to either “like” or “love” which does not have a serious meaning.

The Japanese language does have a more serious translation for love which is aishiteru. This word isn’t used as much because it is reserved for intense and true feelings. So, don’t worry because kokuhaku is not like a marriage proposal.

Kokuhaku For Foreigners

With all this in mind, should foreigners do kokuhaku? Yes and no. Yes, if this particular foreigner is familiar with the practice and has lived in Japan for quite some time. A foreigner shouldn’t do kokuhaku when they do not understand it fully. The same goes for a Japanese girl who is interested in dating foreign men. But, the subject of kokuhaku can be a fabulous ice-breaker when chatting with Japanese ladies online.

This difference in dating culture is interesting. You can know more about it by getting first-hand information from a Japanese girl. You can meet some at AsianDate. If you want more dating advice, don’t forget to check out more posts from our blog.

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Monday, 9 January 2017

This Soap Ingredient Might Be Affecting Your Bedroom Performance

Before you buy your soap or body wash, do you ever take a look at the ingredients listed on the back? Most would answer no to this question because we all assume that what we are buying is safe. After all, products made it to the shelves of our local stores which make us think that they’ve already passed regulations laws. We should all think again because recent reports say our bedroom performance may be affected by this chemical ingredient.

Your Bedroom Performance Issue Is Probably Caused By This An Anti-Bacterial Ingredient

Triclosan is a common ingredient found in soaps, body wash and deodorant. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties – characteristics that do not sound harmful at all. However, according to a post by CBS News, “studies began to show it could disrupt sex and thyroid hormones and other bodily functions”.

A study by researchers at the University of California also showed that triclosan could sometimes cause muscle weakness as well as impaired muscle activity. Researchers exposed the muscle fibres of fish and mice to the chemical. They found that both skeletal and cardiac muscles they exposed to triclosan did not function optimally.

While most of the studies have been done on animals, most experts say that it can have a similar effect on humans.

It was in September 2016 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a ruling that 19 active anti-bacterial ingredients, including triclosan, are generally not safe and effective. The FDA continues by saying that companies have one year to reformulate their products, taking out ingredients like triclosan. The ban will be effective in the USA coming September 2017. The state of Minnesota got a head start and banned the chemical ingredient last January 1.

Just so we are all informed, here are the 19 active ingredients that were considered unsafe by the FDA last September:

  1. Cloflucarban
  2. Fluorosalan
  3. Hexachlorophene
  4. Hexylresorcinol
  5. Iodine complex
  6. Iodine complex
  7. Methylbenzethonium chloride
  8. Nonyl phenoxy poly (ethylene oxy) ethanol-iodine
  9. Phenol (greater than 1.5 percent)
  10. Phenol (less than 1.5 percent)
  11. Poloxamer-iodine complex
  12. Povidone-iodine (5 to 10 percent)
  13. Secondary amyl tri cresols
  14. Sodium oxychlordane
  15. Tribromsalan
  16. Triclocarban
  17. Triclosan
  18. Triple dye
  19. Undecoylium chloride iodine complex

Don’t Let Your Bedroom Performance And Health Be Affected

September is still a few months away, but as early as now, we need to be more careful about the products we purchase. We need to look out for the ingredients on the above list. Some may be hiding under different names, so it’s always a plus for us to do some research, or better yet, why not go for more organic products?

Share this on your social media, so your friends and family can also be aware. For more dating updates, make sure you check out more posts on our blog.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ways To Date Asian Girls With Strict Parents

From the experiences of most foreign men, it’s likely you will have an encounter with strict parents when you’re dating Asian girls. It’s characteristic in the Asian culture for either the mother or both parents to be overly involved in their children’s lives, and that includes being involved in their children’s choice of partner. Could you ever date Asian girls with over-protective parents?

How To Get On The Good Side Of Asian Girls Strict Parents

The answer to the question asked above is YES. Yes, you can date Asian girls with strict parents. You just have to understand that you also have to “date” the parents on top of dating their daughter because you’ll need to get on their good side. Here are ways on how you can do this:

Show Respect At All Times

Most Asian parents are very traditional. Respecting the elders is a must. Respecting the culture of the Asian lady you’re dating is also mandatory. There are so many possible scenarios of how you can show respect to your girl’s parents and family. For you to recognize the specific situations, you have to understand the Asian culture.

For example, as a foreigner, do you know whether you need to bow to greet your girl’s grandparents? Bowing is a sign of respect in the Asian culture, but you’re a foreigner, so do you have to do this? If you don’t know how to behave during this scenario, you’ll likely get on her parent’s bad side.

Show Love For Her Mother’s Cooking/ Asian Food

When you’re invited over for a meal, make sure that you eat a lot. Eating a lot means that the food that has been prepared is delicious. It is considered a compliment to whoever cooked the food. You also have to develop a taste for traditional Asian food because you’ll likely be eating a lot of it when you’re in the presence of your girl’s strict parents.

Don’t Brag But Let Them Know That You Have Potential

Since the ancient times, Asian parents have always been concerned about their daughter’s future. In the past, this meant they would have to find a husband who’s fit to ensure that their daughter lives a comfortable life.

Today, of course, this is not necessary, but the traditional mindset of securing their daughter’s future still has some traces. So, strict Asian parents need to know and see that you are capable of taking care of their daughter.

This won’t be a problem if you are a doctor, business owner, or you may have an inheritance from your parents. If you’re none of the above, don’t worry because you can always talk to your Asian girl’s parents about your future plans to show them that you have potential.

If you keep doing all things mentioned, you’ll warm up to any Asian parents in no time. Remember that Asian parents also have good instincts, so if you’re not sincere about their daughter, they will see right through you. Do you need more tips like this? Make sure you check out more posts from our blog. If you want to meet lovely Asian girls, you can visit AsianDate.

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