Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sun Is Out: Are You More Likely To Find Your Other Half In Spring?

There is one distinctive memory everyone has from their schooldays. It’s a lovely, balmy morning in spring and they are in class. They are looking out of the window, oblivious to the world around them – all they want is to get out there, grab their girlfriend and run into a blossoming meadow. Sound familiar? The years may have passed, but you still get the exact same feeling as you look out of your office window. It’s really not you. Mother Nature wants you to find your other half in spring.

What Makes It More Probable To Find Your Other Half In Spring?

It’s not just the birds singing and the bees pollinating flowers. Sure, the whole of nature is reborn in spring, forming the perfect backdrop for romance, but in reality, there are deeper reasons why we are more likely to look for a partner in spring.

To understand why we are so keen to fall in love as the days get warmer, we need to look back to man’s history.  Surviving winter was not an easy thing back in the day, so those who did make it through the winter alive were absolutely exhausted.

But if our ancestors were so tired, how come they were in the mood for love? It is simple really. The longer days of spring gave them more chance to be out, the fact that the land bore fruit meant they had their needs better covered and, so, they were up for some flirting.

A Brand-New Experiment

In a way, then, it seems that we are hard-wired to fall in love in spring. The findings of an experiment carried out by Professor Nicolas Gu├ęguen of the University of South Brittany and published in the journal Social Influence corroborate this claim.

In the experiment, a handsome 20-year-old guy approached 18-25-year-old women who were walking alone in the street and asked them for their phone numbers. He did so both on sunny and cloudy days that had approximately same temperatures.

The research, the first exploring how the weather influences our desire to flirt or our dating behavior, found that women were more open to flirting and giving out their phone numbers on sunny days. To be exact, 22.4% of them did so when there was sunshine, as opposed to just 13.9% on overcast days. So, you are far more likely to find your other half when the sun is out.

Need More Evidence?

Further proof of our propensity to fall in love in spring in time snuggle up and get even closer in winter is the fact that the most common birthday month for human beings is August – do the math.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Signs She Could Be A Spoilt Girlfriend And What To Do About It

When we meet someone, there is a chance we will not be coming from the exact same background. People are different and that’s largely because they have different experiences, and oftentimes this is also what makes a relationship interesting. That said, recognizing that you have a spoilt girlfriend who has never heard a ‘no’ in her life can be tough when you are a person who’s had to struggle to get anything in life. Dealing with this issue can be even tougher, but it needs to be done if you see any future with her.

Recognizing A Spoilt Girlfriend

Everyone likes to be pampered, so to say a girl is spoilt just because she likes your gifts and your attention would be a little over the top. However, it’s a whole different story if you realize that she is used to being given everything on a silver platter and demands that you keep up the same pattern she’s learned at home.

Things To Consider

If you’re still unsure, these are some things to consider. Has she ever worked a day in her life? Does she still live with her parents? Does she drop hints about what things she wants you to buy her? Does she get stroppy when you don’t buy her something she wants? Does she forget about everything after an argument when you offer her material things? Does she ever compromise when you are planning to do something you like more than she does?

Just one of these signs may not be enough to tell that she is indeed spoilt, but a combination is probably a sure-fire sign.

Ways Of Dealing With A Spoilt Girlfriend

Check Her Reactions

A good idea is to tell her you’re in a bit of a tough spot financially (even if you really aren’t), just to gauge her reaction. Will she be understanding and ask you about your supposed problem or will she simply sulk and look disappointed?

Take things a little further and ask her to go Dutch next time you are out. See how she responds to that. If she throws a tantrum, it’s very bad news. If she doesn’t love the idea but accepts, perhaps you can salvage things.

Confront Her

Try to open a conversation about earning things. Explain that it takes an effort to win over someone and that a relationship is all about balance and both sides giving. If you feel used, don’t be afraid to nicely explain to her how you feel it’s unfair that you’ve been the one making an extra effort in the relationship.

Be prepared to give her examples of how she’s been expecting too much from you and what you would love her to practically do to make you feel like you are equals in the relationship.

If all else fails and your spoilt girlfriend is not willing to work on herself and your relationship, maybe you should consider ending things. Being in a relationship where you feel used will only cause you aggravation and pain down the line, even if it’s something you think you can handle now.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Relationship Dilemma: How To Choose Between Two Girls

Finding the one for us is hard enough, but when we are stuck between two girls things get even harder. How do you get out of such a difficult relationship dilemma and choose between two girls you like? Here’s how.

Your Way Out Of A Serious Relationship Dilemma

It might seem like a fun thing to do at first, but dating two girls at once can only go on for so long. If the time has come for you to face this – admittedly tough – relationship dilemma, these are the things to consider.

How Much You Like Them

For you to be involved with both these girls, you are obviously attracted to them physically. However, there must be one of them you find cuter, more to your tastes as regards her appearance. It is not a superficial thing to take physical attraction into consideration when you choose a partner, don’t downplay its importance.

How Compatible You Are

Other than your physical attraction, you need to ask yourself how much you have in common with each of them. Do you share the same interests? Do you enjoy doing the same things? Which one of the two is easier to hang out and have a good time with? Who do you have the same ideals as?

Your Shared Goals In Life

Think about whether you are at the same stage in your life. Are they both out to have fun or is one looking for something more serious? Then, ask yourself what it is that you want out of your relationship. Pick the one you are on the same page with.

Who You Miss The Most

A good test on your heart is to try to stay away from both while you are trying to make up your mind about who to choose. This will provide you with the necessary time to breathe and give you the chance to genuinely see who you miss more. The one you miss more is most likely the one for whom you have developed stronger feelings.

While you may feel under pressure to make a decision fast, it is best not to rush into one. Like all life decisions, how you deal with this relationship dilemma is bound to affect your future and your happiness. Take all the time you need and remember to, above all else, listen to your heart.

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Things To Remember On Your First Vacation With A New Partner

There is no doubt that the first vacation of a couple marks a very serious moment in their life. For most, this is the first time they actually have to cohabitate, share a room (and a bathroom) for more than just a night and, basically, see how compatible they are when it’s 24/7 together rather than just dates and sleepovers.

How To Enjoy Your First Vacation With Her

You may have been dating a long time or just a few weeks, yet this period will be a test to you and your relationship. Don’t worry, though. There are things to do to make sure this experience will be a pleasant one.

To begin with, decide on your destination together. Making the decision all by yourself or letting her do everything alone are both wrong. In the first case, you will appear to be a control freak with no regard for her desires, in the latter you may be perceived as indifferent. Plan and organize things together as much as possible and make sure they are to your liking collectively.

However, you need to remember to not get carried away and plan every little thing. You don’t want your time away from it all to be jam-packed with things to see and do, leaving you no real time to relax and enjoy each other’s company and attention.

Leave It All Behind

Another thing that will definitely help you have a good time is to let all your responsibilities and cares behind. If you are constantly on your phone, checking your e-mails, preparing work-related things, she will (justifiably) feel left out and there is fear of your first vacation argument there.

Once you are there, take very small steps with feeling like home. Chances are your daily routine and habits will be different to hers – from your meal hours to your sleeping patterns, for example. Also, make sure to give her space to feel comfortable and tend to her needs too. She will definitely appreciate your willingness to help accommodate her well, and she’ll most probably associate it with your possible life together under the same roof in future.

Don’t Get Carried Away

That said; if you are not ready to make promises, don’t get carried away by the vacation atmosphere and general relaxation. Sometimes when we are away from everything we tend to make bold decisions without thinking too much. Don’t give her hopes of more than you are really willing to offer.

Also, you should not make her feel like she is taking a test. Like we said before, the first vacation may be some kind of a trial period of cohabitation, but you need to keep things casual and fun.

Last but not least, don’t expect too much from your first vacation together. Embrace every moment, make sure you enjoy yourself doing the simple things, and don’t read too much into anything. Your first vacation is and should be a time to recharge your body batteries, enjoy each other’s company and just get away from everything else.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Right Way To Argue With Your Girlfriend

There is no doubt that even the most harmonious and successful couples have their moments of conflict. However, what makes the difference is whether a couple knows that there is actually a right way to argue and a wrong one. Find out how to argue the right way, when necessary.

What Does Knowing The Right Way To Argue Mean?

The biggest difference between the couples who argue the right way and others who don’t is that the former usually manage to come out of the argument stronger and wiser. Here’s how to do it.

Know your reasons.

One of the most common causes of arguments is that partners let a lot of things bottle up inside. Then, all of a sudden they erupt with the smaller excuse. This is absolutely wrong, though, as they will never solve anything unless they get to the real root of the problem.

One thing at a time.

Once a couple starts arguing, it is very tempting to get embroiled into an endless blame game. If she cheated on you 3 years ago and you said something bad about her mother last Christmas, tough luck. Let bygones be bygones and get to the current issue. Going round in circles and trying to recall all the smaller and bigger issues you may be keeping inside will never get you anywhere.

Hear her out.

Sometimes we may be surprised by what has been hurtful to others. Let her give you her side of the story and try to see things from her perspective before you dismiss her and provide your own arguments.

Be prepared to admit to being wrong.

Bear in mind an argument is not a war. There is no winner or loser in an argument between a pair of mature people. Thus, when you have heard her interpretation of things and her own reasoning, it may arise that you have been in the wrong. In this event, be brave and mature enough to take the blame and apologize sincerely. This will set a good precedent for her to be able to do the same in future if she is found to be wrong.

Learn something from it.

It may sound boring or cheesy, but it works. Once you have overcome the actual argument phase and the dust has settled, you may find it constructive to discuss the lesson learned from the argument. Miscommunication, a wrong estimation of a situation or having thin skin are just some of the reasons we may argue. Let the argument circle close with the promise to be careful not to repeat the same mistake again.

Don’t be afraid to argue if it is necessary; just follow the steps for the right way to argue.  Often the outcome of an argument is an even stronger and better communication in a couple.

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